Atworth Traffic Action Group
          [Please note that ATAG is currently inoperative.                 
Any residents who wish to re-start the Group will be given maximum support!
However, although the traffic conditions are now much worse than in 2011-2016,
residents do not seem to wish to see a re-energising of ATAG.]     


Welcome page

-------------------- 2020 --------------------
Meeting - 10th June
Revitalising: ATAG is still needed!
Notes here!

-------------------- 2016 --------------------
Meeting - 24th February
Notes here!

-------------------- 2015 --------------------
Meeting - 24th November
Notes here!

Meeting - 8th October
(Report in preparation)

Demonstration - 12th September
(See YouTube video)

-------------------- 2013 --------------------
OC Meeting - 14th October

Atworth's Narrow Pavements
report July 2013

Cost of Road Traffic Casualties in Wiltshire (2010-11)

Four Key issues raised
by residents
ATAG Report to Parish Council
report June 2013

Submission to Parish Council
regarding Village Gates
DfT advice
traffic count

-------------------- 2012 --------------------
Two Submissions for changes
made to Wiltshire Council
- submissions

Freedom of Information Report
- report

OC meeting - 25th June
- report

Public meeting - 18th May
- report

OC meeting - 2nd May
- report

Parish Assembly -18th Apr
- report

OC meeting - 12th Mar
- report

OC meeting - 27th Feb
- report

Residents' meeting- 22nd Feb
- report

- analysis

OC meeting - 7th Feb
- report

OC meeting - 17th Jan
- report

-------------------- 2011--------------------
OC meeting - 12th Dec
- report

Inaugural meeting - 14th Nov
- report

Atworth is a Wiltshire village situated a few miles from the western boundary with the county of Somerset. It lies mainly along the A365 which passes from Devizes, intersecting with the A350 through Melksham and on to join the A4 at Box, on it's way to Bath.

The Atworth Traffic Action Group is a group of residents within the village who wish to see what can be done to reduce the impairment to the quality of life caused by the fact that a great deal of traffic, up to 75,000 vehicles per week, passes through the village. Up to 19% of the traffic is goods or heavy goods vehicles (DfT statistics, 2010), and 15% exceeds 38.5mph (Wiltshire Council/Police Metrocount).

You can read our extensive article here, which attempts to explain what our issues are all about (note that some details such as email addresses may have changed_. We are concerned that this level of traffic presents the following difficulties to residents:

- Diesel engined road vehicles release unacceptable levels of particulates into the local atmosphere.
  These particulates are known to be hazardous to the health and well-being of adults, and especially, to children;
- Far too many vehicles ignore the 30mph speed limit, and even when the limit is observed, 30mph is much too fast through a village where residents are walking its narrow footways;
- Many of the footways are very narrow, and large 6-axeled 38-44 tonne heavy goods vehicles pass very closely to mothers walking with children and pushchairs as the route is also part of the School Travel Plan route to school;
- There are a great many heavy goods vehicles in the count. These vehicles impair the quality of residents' lives by the noise and vibration which they create and by the rain spray and displacement of large volumes of standing water which they cause during wet weather.

As 2019 gave way to 2020, we all noted a resurgence in traffic volumes, speed, noise, vibration and the smell of deisel and other pollutants. This was accompanied by a significant increase in HGV numbers, and of noisy bulk-carriers. This was only partially due to the restrictions on Cleveland Bridge in Bath, as it had been building over the past several years. Yes indeed, ATAG needs to rear its head again. Please join us! A meeting of some very concerned residents has already formed ideas on a clear plan. To join us, simple email  your name telephone number and address to and tell us your principal concerns and what you can do to help.
In the years 2016-2020
ATAG saw little activity. Perhaps the achievement of the village gates, the warning hatching (not quite what we wanted - double-white-lines!) on the western approach by the Farm Shop, and the pedestrian crossing (not quite what we wanted - pedestrian contol!) in the village centre made everyone happy.
In 2015
there was further activity - there is access to the video footage of the demonstration held on 12th September 2015 in the link on the left, as well as a report of a public meeting held in the White Hart. A further public meeting was held on 24th February 2015 - notes are also in the link on the left.
ATAG became rather quiet during 2014 and there was little to report.
In October 2013
ATAG's organising committee met and decided to renew efforts to obtain double white lines on the western A365, and pedestrian controlled lights on the crossing. The report on Atworth's narrow pavements will be pursued with vigour once these two priorities have seen progress.
In July 2013 ATAG met with parish council members to review the results of ATAGs measurements of pavement widths on the south side of the A365 - this issue is the third issue of the four which residents raise most frequently. ATAG has made their report available via the link on the left. (NB owing to the images in the report it is quite a large download.)
In June 2013 ATAG presented a report to Atworth Parish Council requesting support for the four key issues which continue to elicit requests for action from residents. This report is available via the link on the left. It was agreed that the first two items would be submitted to Wiltshire Council for immediate consideration. The others were endorsed for future submissions.
In January 2013 ATAG responded to a request from Atworth
Parish Council for ATAG to comment on the scheme presented by Wiltshire Council for the installation of Village Gates. These comments are available via the links on the left hand panel.
In early
September 2012 ATAG raised the issues of speed limits changes, and of dangerous overtaking with Wiltshire Council. These issues are due for discussion at the Wiltshire Council Community Area Transport Group for Melksham. We will report news here! A third issue, that of speed control in the village especially during school travel times, will be discussed further before a submission is made.
A Freedom of Information Request made in June/July 2012 has revealed that at least 16 road traffic accidents occurred along the A365 between 2007 and 2011, causing 26 casualties. Two accidents were serious. This information does not represent the spirit of public disclosure of the number of incidents at meetings attended by ATAG members and will be used further to tackle traffic issues in Atworth. The Summary Report is available via the left hand panel.
In May 2012 a Public Meeting was held at the Neston Park Farm Shop, when a panel comprising our local MP, a County Councillor, a Wiltshire Councillor Senior Traffic Engineer, a member of Atworth Parish Council and the Atworth Parish Clerk and a senior member of the Police, met residents to discuss the five key concerns which have been raised and prioritised. The report is available in the left hand panel.
In February 2012 a Residents' Meeting for all interested residents was held at the Neston Park Farm Shop, when proposals were made and received for pursuing our aims. The analysis of the responses will be published here as soon as they are available. Please see the links on the panel on the left.

In November 2011
, 16 residents met in the Skittle Alley of the White Hart Inn. This meeting constituted the Inaugural Meeting of the group. The Organising Committee (OC) was formed from those who attended that meeting, but has since gained two members: there are now 8 members of the OC.

You can receive News from the group by sending your name, address and telephone number to
Tell us how traffic affects you, and indicate what you might be able to do in the campaign.

ATAG was founded by KA Spencer, aimed at helping residents of the village to achieve beneficial change in the village traffic conditions.
In June 2011
, the group was inaugurated, with the object of seeking ways of persuading local authorities that residents wish to see action taken to alleviate these issues.

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